Oberon Release 2015: Best Ways to Enjoy Bell's Brewery Seasonal Beer During Release Week

Oberon Release 2015: Best Ways to Enjoy Bell’s Brewery Seasonal Beer During Release Week

Oberon Release 2015

March 20th officially marked the start of Spring in the United States. However, some residents of the state won’t believe spring is truly here until March 23rd, the official release day of Oberon. The popular beer from Bell’s Brewery has turned into one of the most popular spring and summer beers in Michigan and around the Midwest region. If you have been waiting to get your hands on a glass of Oberon, you’ll be in luck Monday, or midnight Sunday night in many cases.

Bell’s website offers a list of bars that are holding Oberon release parties. This list does not include every bar, as I have also received emails from chains like TGI Friday’s and Old Chicago that will also be celebrating the releases. Old Chicago, for example, will be offering $3.50 pints and $4.75 25 oz. glasses on Monday and will be hosting representatives from Bell’s in the 4pm to 6pm timeslot.

Rather than just list all the bars that will have Oberon, we wanted to share with our readers what we think are the best and most unique ways to enjoy Oberon throughout release week:

  • March 22nd: Crunchy’s in East Lansing, will be pouring 11 Bell’s beers Sunday before the midnight release, a great way to prepare for the Oberon release
  • March 23rd: Union Woodshop in Clarkston, a 6 tap takeover from Bell’s all week long, representatives from Bell’s will be in the bar on Thursday March 26th.
  • March 23rd: Logan’s Alley in Grand Rapids, will start pouring Oberon at 7am. This one sounds awesome as along with the beer they will have an Oberon stew and Oberon sliders.
  • March 23rd: Oberon Pub Crawl in Downtown Ann Arbor. Beginning at 11am, people can attend several bars in Ann Arbor as part of this annual event. This includes Fraser’s Pub (11am), Buffalo Wild Wings (12 noon), Sava’s (1pm), Ashley’s (2pm), Hopcat (3pm), Cottage Inn (4pm), Bar Louie (5pm), The Arena (6pm), Old Town (7pm), The Beer Grotto (8pm), and Bill’s Beer Garden (9pm)
  • March 23rd: Oberon Pub Crawl in Marquette, begins at The Wild Rover at 6pm and hits several other bars in the area
  • March 26th: Oberon Pub Crawl in Escanaba, starts at Pacino’s Pub in Best Western at 6pm and also hits bars like Cat Man Do’s, Mug Shotz, and Ernie’s.
  • March 27th: Oberon Spring Party at Clubhouse BFD in Rochester. The bar will be opening its patio this day and also have outdoor fire pits going. Games of corn hole will be played by guests. Guests can also get their picture taken in the Oberon photo booth. Enjoy Oberon battered Fish ‘n’ Chips all day long
  • March 27th: Bell’s Beer Dinner at Grange Kitchen and Bar in Ann Arbor. This dinner offers five courses of food paired with beers from Bell’s. Beer includes Two Hearted Ale, Expedition Stout, Oarsman Ale, Oberon, Bell’s Lager, and Jupiter.

There you have it, a list of cool ways to celebrate the official release of Oberon in the state of Michigan. There’s something for everyone based on regions in the state. I think it’s cool to see places offering additional Bell’s releases to coincide with the Oberon launch. I’m also curious to try some of these Oberon infused food offerings.

Oberon continues to be a widely popular beer. On Rate Beer, the beer scores a 90. On Beer Advocate, Oberon has an 86 rating. The beer is offered on tap, and in stores in 6 packs and 12 packs of bottles, 4 packs of cans (16oz), and 5 liter Mini Kegs. The beer recently became available in cans last summer.

Oberon 2015 Badge on Untappd

Oberon 2015 Badge on Untappd

If you use the Untappd app, you will want to try Oberon during its first week of release. The app is offering a special “Oberon 2015” badge to anyone who checks into Oberon from March 23rd and March 30th.