Crisp Point Lighthouse Vernors Can Pure Michigan Lighthouses

Michigan Lighthouses to Appear on Vernors Cans Again in 2018

For the second year, photos of several Michigan lighthouses will be featured on the cans of the legendary Michigan pop Vernors. The 2018 lineup includes seven Michigan lighthouses featured in this partnership between Pure Michigan and Vernors, a pop brand owned by Dr. Pepper Snapple Group. Vernors has been a Michigan staple for more than 150 years.

Pure Michigan had this to say of the unique partnership of Vernors and Michigan lighthouses:

“Two of Michigan’s summer staples are coming together again! We’re teaming up with Vernors to feature seven iconic Michigan lighthouses on limited-edition cans available at retailers across the state.”

Vernors Lighthouse Collection Michigan

Last year, we brought you an article that shared the first run of this series, which featured five Michigan lighthouses. That lineup included:


Big Sable Point Lighthouse Vernors Labatt

Big Sable Point (Lake Michigan)

Crisp Point Lighthouse Vernors Can Pure Michigan Lighthouses

Crisp Point (Lake Superior)

Michigan Lighthouses were featured on cans of Vernors Ginger Ale

Eagle Harbor (Lake Superior)

Grand Haven (Lake Michigan)

Vernors Can Pure Michigan Lighthouses Tawas Point

Tawas Point (Lake Huron)

Since that time, we have been able to snap photos with the unique collectors Vernors cans at several of these lighthouses (see photos above). These Vernors cans provide great opportunities to capture the perfect photograph lining up the can and the Michigan lighthouse.

The 2018 series returns with seven Michigan lighthouses, with nearby cities and the Great Lake it is on listed. The lineup is:

Forty Mile Point Lighthouse Michigan

Forty Mile Point Lighthouse, Rogers City (Lake Huron)

Old Mackinac Lighthouse

Old Mackinac Point Lighthouse, Mackinaw City (Lake Huron)

Point Iroquois Lighthouse Up Close Lake Superior

Point Iroquois Lighthouse, Brimley (Lake Superior)

Point Betsie Lighthouse (located just off M-22)

Point Betsie Lighthouse, Frankfort (Lake Michigan)

Silver Lake State Park Little Sable

Little Sable Point Lighthouse, Mears (Lake Michigan)

St. Joseph Pier Lights Close Inner Light

St. Joseph North Pier Lighthouse, St. Joseph (Lake Michigan)

Fort Gratiot Light Sunset St. Clair MI

Fort Gratiot, Port Huron (Lake Huron)


The 2018 lineup of lighthouses doesn’t disappoint. One can features Fort Gratiot, Michigan’s oldest lighthouse. Old Mackinac Point Lighthouse is one of the most recognizable of the Michigan lighthouses, as it can be seen by anyone crossing the Mackinac Bridge. Point Betsie Lighthouse remains one of the most photographed Michigan lighthouses, and will likely see many people trying to capture a photo of the Vernors can and the lighthouse. The only disappointment here is to see only one Upper Peninsula lighthouse featured in the 2018 series, after seeing a more even split between Lower Peninsula and Upper Peninsula in 2017.

We love this partnership between Vernors and Pure Michigan, as it celebrates one of the best features of Michigan. Michigan has more lighthouses than any other state and Vernors is smart to offer this unique collector’s item.

The special Vernors cans will be sold in Michigan from July to mid-October. The cans will only be sold in 12 packs of Vernors and Diet Vernors. If the series follows the same rules as 2017, customers will only get one different image in each 12 pack. This means you would have to buy seven 12 packs to get each can this year, or find people to trade with.