Photo Gallery Friday: Dinosaur Gardens, Ossineke

Photo Gallery Friday: Dinosaur Gardens, Ossineke

Dinosaur Gardens Sign Ossineke Michigan

Dinosaur Gardens is one of Michigan’s most unique attractions and a great place for family fun. Located just a few miles south of Alpena in Ossineke, Dinosaur Gardens features more than 25 “life-size” dinosaurs. Visitors to this attraction that has been welcoming families since the 1930s will find a well-groomed walking trail that winds through a drained cedar swamp where dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures are waiting to be visited. Dinosaur Gardens also offers a miniature golf course,¬†frozen yogurt bar and gift shop, and a miner’s sluice for looking for fossils and gemstones.

Dinosaur Gardens Brontosaurus Ossineke Michigan

We visited Dinosaur Gardens on a warm summer weekday afternoon in June. After paying and passing through the main building, our journey began. The first dinosaur you will encounter is the Brontosaurus, which has a staircase so you can go inside of it. Each dinosaur has a detailed information sign telling when it lived, what its diet was like, and more.

Dinosaur Gardens Brontosaurus Sign Ossineke Michigan

The walk through the property is beautiful, as you cross the Devil’s River, stroll past large green ferns, and pass under tall cedar trees. Some of the dinosaurs you’ll encounter here are Parasaurolophus, Stegosaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Velociraptor, Dimetrodon, and Pteranodon. Make sure to bring your camera and your phone, as the photo opportunities are endless.

Sinosaur Gardens Mining Sluice Kids Activity

After a walk through Dinosaur Gardens we headed back towards the entrance and decided to try out the mini golf course. Some of the holes are shaped like dinosaurs, and the course was both fun and challenging. The miner’s sluice looked like a fun activity for kids that are interested in dinosaurs, fossils, and rock collecting. There are plenty of flavor and topping options at the Ice Age Frozen Yogurt Bar, which is certainly a popular stop on hot days.

Dinosaur Gardens Tree Identification Ossineke Michigan

For more information on Dinosaur Gardens, you can visit their website at or check out their Facebook page. Dinosaur Gardens is located at 11160 U.S. 23 South in Ossineke.