Michigan Lighthouses Shine Bright on New Vernors Lighthouse Collection Cans

Michigan Lighthouses Shine Bright on New Vernors Lighthouse Collection Cans

Vernors Lighthouse Collection Michigan

Vernors has long been one of Michigan’s favorite soft drinks, and its history dates back the 1860s in Detroit. Now owned by Dr. Pepper Snapple Group, the popular ginger ale recently unveiled a fall advertising campaign that puts the spotlight on Michigan lighthouses. The Vernors Lighthouse Collection features five of Michigan’s iconic beacons, with two each from the Lake Michigan and Lake Superior shorelines and one from Lake Huron.

Big Sable Point Lighthouse Vernors Labatt

Below we’ve listed the five lighthouse you can find on Vernors cans, and provided a bit of information and links to any earlier articles we’ve posted on each one. If you’re a fan of Michigan lighthouses, these cans will be worth tracking down for photo opportunities or collectibles. Each 12 pack features 12 cans of the same design, so you’ll need five different packages if you’re hoping to collect them all.

Crisp Point Lighthouse Wide

Crisp Point Lighthouse, Lake Superior - one of our favorite Lake Superior lighthouse, Crisp Point is located on a remote section of shoreline north of Newberry. It was built in 1904 and stands over 50 feet tall. Thanks to the efforts of the Crisp Point Lighthouse Historical Society this beacon has been preserved and it is now open for tours (though the drive back to it is long and sometimes rough).

Eagle Harbor Lighthouse Lake Superior Michigan Kayak

Eagle Harbor Lighthouse, Lake Superior – One of the Keweenaw’s most beloved lighthouses, the Eagle Harbor Lighthouse was built in 1871 and is now open as a museum. Its 44 foot tall tower features two colors of brick, making it a favorite for photographers.

Grand Haven Lighthouse Tower

Grand Haven Lighthouse, Lake Michigan – A pair of bright red structures that help mark the place where the Grand River meets Lake Michigan, the Grand Haven Outer Light is a large, rectangular foghorn building with a lantern room located at the end of the pier and the Inner Light is a tall, cylindrical light. A catwalk connected the two structures to the mainland and had been preserved with them before construction on the pier started last year. Efforts are underway to return the catwalk after construction is complete; for now these beacons must be observed from the beach nearby.

Tawas Point Lighthouse Feature Photo Michigan

Tawas Point Lighthouse, Lake Huron – Using a design typically found on the East Coast, the Tawas Point Lighthouse features a tall white tower and an attached keeper’s dwelling. Located in Tawas Point State Park, it is open for tours in the summer months.

Big Sable Point Lighthouse Feature Photo

Big Sable Point Lighthouse, Lake Michigan – Located inside Ludington State Park, the Big Sable Point Lighthouse is one of Michigan’s tallest lighthouses (more than 110 feet tall) and easily recognized thanks to its black and white steel-plated tower.

Big Sable Lighthouse Cans Labatt Vernors

It’s been a big year for Big Sable Point Lighthouse, which was also featured on Labatt beer cans earlier this year as part of the “Great State of Mine” ad campaign. The lighthouse was prominently featured during the 2017 Michigan Lighthouse Festival in Ludington (held August 25-27) and will host a 150th birthday celebration on November 1st (details will be posted at http://www.splka.org/lights.html soon).