Michigan Roadside Attractions: Titanic Memorial, Marine City

Michigan Roadside Attractions: Titanic Memorial, Marine City

Titanic Memorial Marine City Nautical Park

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The tragedy of the RMS Titanic has fascinated people around the world for many years, and a new memorial in Marine City pays tribute to the ship’s connection to Michigan. In May of 2018 a Titanic Memorial was unveiled in one the city’s parks, honoring the 69 Michigan-bound passengers who perished when the ship sank in 1912. The park, which borders the St. Clair River, is a popular place for freighter viewing.

The memorial plaque is shaped like a ship’s wheel and lists each of the Michigan-bound passengers’ names and also lists where passengers were headed to in Michigan – as you will see below many were headed for the Detroit area, but a handful were headed to the Upper Peninsula (where the copper mining boom was still in full swing) or southwest Michigan. The names also show that people were headed here from all over Europe, and that the tragedy claimed the lives of many family groups that were traveling together. An image of the Titanic is featured above the names, with the phrase “Nearer My God to Thee” above the ship. Ben Cassell of Fine Arts Sculpture Center in Clarkston cast the ship’s wheel. More than $6,500 was raised locally to help put this memorial in place, led by Margaret Micoff (founder of the Great Lakes Titanic Connection).

Titanic Memorial Ships Wheel Marine City Michigan

In memory of the 69 Michigan bound passengers aboard the RMS Titanic April 15, 1912:

Richard F. Becker, Benton Harbor

Marion L. Becker, Benton Harbor

Ruth E. Becker, Benton Harbor

Nellie E. Becker, Benton Harbor

William J. Berriman, Calumet

John Linnane, Chelsea

Markhkhul Butrus-Youssef, Detroit

Marianna Butrus-Youssef, Detroit

Katarin Butrus-Youssef, Detroit

Reginald C. Coleridge, Detroit

Theodoor De Mulder, Detroit

George F. Eitemuller, Detroit

Frank J. W. Goldsmith, Detroit

Frank J. Goldsmith, Detroit

Emily A. Goldsmith, Detroit

Viljo Hamalainen/Hamlin, Detroit

Anna Hamalainen/Hamlin, Detroit

Leon J. Hampe, Detroit

Martta Hiltunen, Detroit

Rene G. A. Lievens, Detroit

Phyllis M. Quick, Detroit

Winnifred V. Quick, Detroit

Jane Richards-Quick, Detroit

Alfred G. J. Rush, Detroit

Julius Sap, Detroit

Jean B. Scheerlink, Detroit

Thomas L. Theobald, Detroit

Catharina Van Impe, Detroit

Jean-Baptiste Van Impe, Detroit

Rosalie P. Govarert-Van Impe, Detroit

Philemon E. Van Melkebeke, Detroit

Victor Vandercruyssen, Detroit

Camilius A. Wittenvrongel, Detroit

Dickinson H. Bishop, Dowagiac

Helen Walton-Bishop, Dowagiac

Gerios Y. Touma, Dowagiac

Marianna Y. Touma, Dowagiac

Hanna Y. Razi-Touma, Dowagiac

 Alfons De Pelsmaeker, Gladstone

Frederick C. Sawyer, Halley

Maude Sincock, Hancock

Frank T. Andrew, Houghton

Frederick J. Banfield, Hancock

William Carbines, Houghton

John M. Davies Jr., Houghton

Elizabeth A. M. White-Davies, Houghton

Joseph C. Fillbrook, Houghton

Stephen C. Jenkin, Houghton

Joseph C. Nicholls, Houghton

Robert D. Norman, Houghton

Samuel J. H. Sobey, Houghton

Jenny L. Henrikssen, Iron Mountain

Ellen N. Pettersson, Iron Mountain

Harold Skoog, Iron Mountain

Karl T. Skoog, Iron Mountain

Mabel Skoog, Iron Mountain

Margit E. Skoog, Iron Mountain

Wilhelm J. Skoog, Iron Mountain

Anna B. Karlsson-Skoog, Iron Mountain

Ida A.M. Andersson, Manistee

Alfred J. Davies, Pontiac

Evan Davies, Pontiac

John S. Davies, Pontiac

Joseph Davies, Pontiac

James Lester, Pontiac

Bert John, Port Huron

Ernst A. Sjostet, Sault Ste. Marie

Jovo Calic, Sault Ste. Marie

Petar Calic, Sault Ste. Marie

The Marine City Titanic Memorial is located in a small section of park that is next to Drake Park. Parking is available on street or in the large lot across from Holy Cross Parish to the south. Other things to check out in Marine City include the Peche Island Rear Range Light, Holy Cross Parish – where Bishop Frederic Baraga once served, and historic Marine City City Hall.