2024 Michigan Recreation Passport Fee to Increase, Still an Incredible Value

2024 Michigan Recreation Passport Fee to Increase, Still an Incredible Value

Detroit International Riverwalk Milliken State Park

We’ve been huge fans and supporters of the Michigan Recreation Passport since its inception in 2010. The days of needing to get a window sticker each year has been replaced by the easy option to add the passport yearly when renewing your license, and despite a few fee increases over the last 10 years it still remains one of the best values in the country. The recreation passport gets visitors in to 103 state parks and recreation areas, as well as trail parking areas, boat launches, and state forest areas. In 2024 the fee will increase one dollar to $14, which is still 10 dollars cheaper than a state park sticker was in the year before the passport program was put in place.

Michigan Photos 2020 Fayette State Park Historic Townsite

Next year’s increase is part of a provision that was built into the program to keep pace with inflation. At just over a dollar per month, this passport quickly pays for itself each year even if you only make a few state park visits. For those curious about what neighboring states in the Great Lakes region charge for their yearly state park passes, here is a look at a few of them:

Wisconsin – $28
Minnesota – $35
Indiana – $50
New York – $80

Michigan state parks offer many campgrounds, hiking trails, lighthouses, waterfalls, and historic sites. More than 30 million people visit our state parks each year. At the time the recreation passport was launched, the Michigan DNR had a sizable backlog of projects that needed to be completed. The increase in state park revenue thanks to this program has led to many great upgrades and improvements. Almost all of the state park budget for each year comes from user fees, and the goal is to eventually see at least 50% of Michigan residents participating in this program. Part of the recreation passport is set aside to help improve local parks and outdoor recreation through a grant program.

Tawas Point State Park Michigan Lighthouse Clouds

Here’s a look at some of our favorite state park coverage, highlighting again what an incredible bargain the recreation passport program is:

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Lake of the Clouds Colorful Trees Fall 2016

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This barely scratches the surface of what our state parks have to offer, and even more upgrades and improvements are on the way in 2024. We’ve got some great summer trips planned that will include camping at state parks in the Upper Peninsula, and when April rolls around I will happily be checking the box to add the recreation passport when renewing my license. We encourage everyone else to do the same!