Celebration Cinema Founders Brewed For List

Celebration Cinema and Founders Brewing Partner to Bring You Good Movies and Even Better Beer

Celebration Cinema and Founders Brewing Fall 2015

After a successful initial “Brewed For” film and beer series in the spring, Founders and Celebration Cinema have once again teamed up to bring their popular partnership to the masses. The two Michigan based companies will show 10 movies during the months of September through November highlighting a different Founder’s beer each week.

Now I know what you’re thinking, we’re a travel site for the great state of Michigan and we’re recommending you go sit in a movie theatre for two hours. In this case, we absolutely are thanks to some great tasting beer from Founder’s.

Here is the complete lineup for the fall:

  • September 9: “Fight Club” with Double Trouble
  • September 16: “Strange Brew” with Centennial IPA
  • September 23: “The Princess Bride” with Porter
  • September 30: “The Room” with Redankulous
  • October 7: “Three Amigos” with Spectra Trifecta
  • October 14: “Beetlejuice” with Dirty Bastard
  • October 21: “Back to the Future Parts I and II” with All Day IPA
  • October 28: “Donnie Darko” with Dark Pennance
  • November 4: “Uncle Buck” with Breakfast Stout
  • November 11: “Inglorious Bastards” with Backwoods Bastard

Founders All Day IPA

A couple of big changes are taking place for the fall version of this series. The first and possibly most exciting is expansion. In the spring this event was held at Celebration Cinema North. Now, moviegoers will be able to go to three different locations to take part in the series with Celebration Cinema North, Celebration Cinema Crossroads (Kalamazoo) and Celebration Cinema Mt. Pleasant all participating.

The other new thing this time around is the Brewed For Film Pass. For $25, you can buy a pass to get free admission to all 10 movies, first entry into movies, and $1 off all beers. Tickets for the movies will cost $2 so if you plan on going to all 10 this is definitely worth a look. A reminder that this pass does not guarantee your admittance, which is still first come first serve. Pass holders just simply get the first chance to enter the theatre if they are there.

Founders Centennial IPA

There are 10 different beers being highlighted here and the good news is only four of them are repeats from the spring (All Day IPA, Porter, Dirty Bastard, Centennial IPA). Several of these beers are highly limited beers. Redankulous is not listed on the Founder’s site at all and is harder to find. Spectra Trifecta is the limited release beer in partnership with ArtPrize that will only be available for the event. Backwoods Bastard is only available for the month of November. Four of the beers are offered all year long (Dirty Bastard, Porter, Centennial IPA, All Day IPA), but that shouldn’t stop you from going. If you can only pick one or two dates, I would suggest the ones with the limited beers, especially Spectra Trifecta and Backwoods Bastard.

Founders Breakfast Stout

Many of these beers have ratings on Ratebeer.com between 95 and 100 and are the best in their categories. Centennial and All Day IPA were both profiled in our 12 Michigan IPAs you should try. Breakfast Stout was one of our 10 Michigan Stouts to try. Breakfast Stout (#5), All Day IPA (#27) and Backwoods Bastard (#44) were all listed in a home brewers top 50 list of craft brews.

Showtime for all showings is 8pm and tickets costs $2. This was a popular series back in the spring and will likely be even more popular this time around. Get to showings early to guarantee a seat and kick back and enjoy some great tasting beer.