Fanny Hooe Creek Falls and Bridge, Copper Harbor

Fanny Hooe Creek Falls and Bridge, Copper Harbor

Fanny Hooe Creek Falls Copper Harbor

It’s been quite a while since we had a new waterfall post to share. Our travels the past few years haven’t taken us to any new ones (don’t worry, that will change this year), so we had to dig into the archives to see if there was anything we had missed. Fanny Hooe Creek Falls is a small but easy to visit waterfall in Copper Harbor, and today we will tell you how to visit. Given this waterfall’s proximity to Fort Wilkins and the Copper Harbor Range Lights, it should be an easy addition to any visit to Michigan’s northernmost point on the mainland.

Fanny Hooe Creek Falls Michigan

Fanny Hooe Creek drains Lake Fanny Hooe into Lake Superior, a journey of less than a quarter mile. Just before it reaches Lake Superior it makes some smaller drops over the rocky creek bed forming a small but picturesque waterfall. We found little mention of this small waterfall anywhere else on the internet, but it’s definitely worth checking out if you stop at Fort Wilkins or the viewing area for the Copper Harbor Lighthouse. If you park at Astor Shipwreck Park across from the fort you will hear the creek. Look for a few small footpaths that lead to different views of Fanny Hooe Creek Falls.

Fort Wilkins Historic State Park Fanny Hooe Bridge

Above the falls is a pretty unique bridge with some interesting stonework. The Fanny Hooe Creek Bridge was constructed in 1928 after the State Trunk Line Act (1913) helped make improvements to what would become U.S. 41 possible. This 25 foot concrete arch bridge is considered unusual in Michigan due to the degree of specialized craftsmanship required for its construction. A similar bridge can be found a few miles away near Silver River Falls.

Fanny Hooe Creek Falls Copper Harbor Michigan

Fanny Hooe Creek Falls’ flow is usually consistent, but we have seen it at lower level during warm and dry summer months. For best viewing, check this waterfall out in the spring or after rainfall.