10 Upper Peninsula Waterfalls That Can Be Viewed From Your Car

10 Upper Peninsula Waterfalls That Can Be Viewed From Your Car

Fumee Falls Roadside 10 Upper Peninsula Waterfalls

Michigan’s Upper Peninsula boasts one stunning waterfall after another, and while many of them can be reached quite easily a few stand out as the easiest waterfalls to see in the state. Not everyone is up for a hike of a mile or possibly five, and sometimes the ever-changing weather in the Mitten State can force a change of plans. For those reasons, we’ve compiled a list of 10 Upper Peninsula waterfalls that are so easy to see they can be viewed from the comfort of your vehicle.

Alger Falls Alger Falls – This small waterfall is by far the easiest to visit in Alger County. Located on the side of M-28 just south of Munising, visiting Alger Falls is as easy as pulling off on the east side of the road where a green sign marks the location of this serene scene.
Scott Falls Scott Falls – A few miles west of Munising sits the incredibly easy to visit Scott Falls. Pulling off on the south side of M-28 across from a state rest area, this 12-15 foot drop has a water flow that varies a great deal seasonally. A short walking trail gives visitors a chance to explore the cave underneath the falls. Jacobs Falls Jacobs Falls – Jacobs Creek slides down 20 feet of rock on its way to Lake Superior, and a parking spot on the north side of M-26 just 4 miles east of Eagle River gives everyone a chance to easily view Jacobs Falls. There are a few more drops upstream, but the trail is steep or non-existent. Haven Falls Haven Falls – Located in a small roadside park in Lac LaBelle, Haven Falls looks so perfect it almost appears to be a manmade feature. From US-41 near Delaware, turn onto Lac LaBelle Rd. and follow it for almost five miles then take a right at the sign for Haven Park and proceed another half mile to the falls. Eagle River Falls Eagle RIver Falls – This waterfall is only a bit of what it once was, but can still be stunning at times of high water flow. The bridge over the river on M-26 provides a good view of the falls, and there is a parking area on the north side of the bridge that also provides a decent view. The total drop here is about 60 feet, and can be 20-40 feet wide depending on flow. Warner Falls Warner Falls – There isn’t much in the town of Palmer (south of Marquette) but one of the highlights of visiting is Warner Falls. This waterfall can easily be viewed from the side of M-35, and Warner Creek drops about 20 feet here before calming down in a large pool at the base of the falls. Rapid River Falls Rapid River Falls – these falls can be seen from a bridge as you drive in to the parking area, and are only a few hundred feet from that parking area in a small park. The river makes several small drops of around five feet here, and the beauty isn’t in the distance of the drops but in how wide they are spread across the river and how much the water flow here can vary by season. Take US-41 about six miles north of Rapid River then turn onto a road signed for the falls and park. and follow it to the park.

Fumee Falls

Fumee Falls – Near the town of Iron Mountain on the Western side of the U.P. is a waterfall that is so easy to visit it should not be missed. Fumee Falls is a 25-foot drop located in a roadside park off of US-2, and there is a short path and stairs that lead a few hundred feet to some upper falls.

Reany Falls copy

Reany Falls – A trip back to Dead River Falls should also include a stop at Reany Falls, which can be partially seen on Forestville Rd. Taking Wright St. north from US-41/M-28 near Marquette and following it a half mile to Forestville Rd., then following Forestville Rd. a few miles to its end at a powerhouse and the parking area for Dead River Falls.

Powerhouse Falls L'Anse

Powerhouse Falls – A few miles south of L’Anse lies a small yet stunning waterfall that is very easy to visit. A little more than a mile south of town on US-41, head west on Power Dam Rd. and follow it almost to its end and then follow signs for the falls. The Falls river makes about a 15-foot drop here, and is almost 30 feet wide as it falls next to the old abandoned powerhouse.

Root Beer Falls Michigan Wakefield

Bonus 11th waterfall – Root Beer Falls can be seen through trees from the side of the road near Wakefield. From the US-2/M-28 intersection, head north on M-28 for a little over a mile, then turn down Wertanen Rd. and watch for this five foot tall waterfall through the trees on the west side of the road.