Michigan Roadside Attractions: Wilson's Cheese Shoppe, Pinconning

Michigan Roadside Attractions: Wilson’s Cheese Shoppe, Pinconning

Wilsons Cheese Shop Michigan Pinconning Vertical

Michigan Roadside Attractions is a periodic feature on Travel the Mitten that will explore the many interesting things that can be found on the highways, byways and back roads of Michigan, ranging from the interesting to unusual.

When traveling north or south on M-13 between Bay City and Standish, it’s hard to miss the large mouse sculptures on top of and next to Wilson’s Cheese Shoppe in Pinconning. This roadside cheese shoppe has been in business since 1939, making it the state’s oldest such store. Pinconning is also home to Pinconning Cheese Company (221 N. Mable St.) and Williams Cheese is just down the road in Linwood. You could definitely call this region the Cheese Capital of Michigan!!

Wilsons Cheese Shop Pinconning Michigan Roadside Attraction

The store offers everything for the cheese lover: cheese, cheese spreads, cream cheese, aged cheeses, flavored cheese, and more. “Our unique Pinconning Cheese is produced under our special formula and aged from just produced, squeaky mild to super sharp that is aged over six years or more. The Pinconning Cheese production process has not changed since its introduction to our area in 1915, by our family. Our specialty is still making a quality cheese and aging it to produce its famous & unique flavor that can only be found here at our Company!”


Two different mouse statues help draw attention to the shop. One is on the roof, and another sits next to the parking lot near the south side of the building. Both mice are brown and hold yellow wedges of cheese. If you find yourself traveling between the Thumb region and the northeastern Lake Huron shoreline, be sure to stop by and take home some Pinconning cheese! To find out more about Wilson’s Cheese Shoppe, check out their website (http://www.wilsoncheese.com/) or visit their Facebook page.