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Lakenenland Junkyard Art Seeking Funds Through GoFundMe: Help by Donating

If you’re a regular reader of our site, you’ll be familiar with Lakenenland Junkyard Art. We finally visited this wonderful Roadside Attraction in the summer of 2015 and it quickly became one of our favorite vacation stops. We highlighted the attraction with a Friday Photo Gallery featuring some colorful works of art as well.

Lakenenland Junkyard Art Marquette

Lakenenland was created by Tom Lakenen and is a free tourist attraction that is one of the most underrated in the state. Visitors to Lakenenland can walk or drive through a carefully mapped out path of more than 80 sculptures. These magnificent pieces of art were created by Tom Lakenen.

Lakenenland GoFundMe

Recently, Tom’s step-son took to crowdfunding site GoFundMe to seek out some much needed money to keep Lakenenland open to the public. The important thing to remember here is this free tourist attraction is fully funded and supported by the Lakenenland family. Tom does not receive tax breaks or funding, as it is not listed as a non-profit organization.

Free Vacation Marquette

Tom refinanced his house years ago to buy the 37 acres needed to display the works of art, after a dispute with the city for having them in his own yard. Tom’s step-son also reminds us that his step-father quit drinking and developed this hobby of sculpture making to help with sobriety.

Tom works a full time job, but is dedicated to continuing to add new works to Lakenenland Junkyard Art and maintain the property. You can find him there during the winter brewing coffee and hot cocoa for snowmobilers passing through. He will also be out making bonfires for guests and using a leaf blower to get snow off of the works.

Lakenenland Iron Works

The money will be used to help keep the attraction free. Tom commented that he hopes to make the road/path more accessible with more gravel to keep people from getting stuck. Through the first six days, $4030 had been raised by 92 people. The fundraising goal set was $5,000.

If you haven’t been to Lakenenland Junkyard Art, be sure to visit whenever you are in the surrounding area. If you have been or like Michigan tourist attractions, consider donating to keep this cool free Roadside Attraction open.

Free Lakenenland Junkyard Art Roadside Attraction