Michigan Roadside Attractions: Paul Bunyan Statue in Oscoda

Michigan Roadside Attractions: Paul Bunyan Statue in Oscoda

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Oscoda is a small Michigan community in Iosco County¬†shore just north of where the Au Sable River empties into Lake Huron. The lumber industry brought many early settlers to the area, and among the monuments to these workers is the Lumberman’s Monument on the River Road Scenic Byway. Oscoda is also home to a statue of legendary lumberjack Paul Bunyan, and is officially recognized by the State of Michigan as his birthplace, thanks to a 1906 James MacGillivray story published in the Oscoda Press.

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This Bunyan statue stands about 15 feet tall, and depicts the lumberjack in red and black flannel, leaning on an ax with a tree draped over his opposite shoulder. It was brought to the area in the 1970s, and sits in Furtaw Field on the side of US-23. Oscoda hosts a yearly festival called Paul Bunyan Days.

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