Middle Island Lighthouse - Lake Huron

Middle Island Lighthouse – Lake Huron

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Middle Island Lighthouse stands guard in the middle of a tough stretch of Lake Huron north of Alpena and south of Presque Isle. Constructed in the early 1900s, it was an important Michigan lighthouse for many years before being automated in the 1960s. Restoration efforts have helped bring back some of the glory of the complex that includes the tower, fog signal building, and keeper’s dwelling. Visitors can get to the lighthouse thanks to weekend boat trips that run from May to September. The ultimate experience for lighthouse fans is also offered, since it is possible to stay in the refurbished “keeper’s lodge” (fog signal building). More information on both of those opportunities can be found at http://www.middleislandkeeperslodge.com/.

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We’d like to thank Russell Katje of Kalamazoo for sharing some pictured of his trip to Middle Island in October, as part of the Great Lakes Lighthouse Festival. Captain Mike Theut got great reviews for sharing information and providing safe passage to and from the lighthouse.

Middle Island Lighthouse Tower View

The tower is 80 feet tall and is quickly recognizable for being white with a horizontal red band on it. the views from the top are phenomenal, especially in the fall.

Middle island Lighthouse Keeper's Dwelling

The keeper’s house is made of red brick and is two stories tall. It is 375 feet away from the tower, and a cement sidewalk links the two structures.

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On the other side of the keeper’s house is the fog signal building. It is also made of red brick and is the building that is available for rent as a lodge for honeymoons, corporate retreats, family get-togethers, romantic or quiet escapes to a place of peace and quiet or the ultimate lighthouse enthusiast’s weekend.

Middle Island Lighthouse Michigan

The island itself is described as “300 acres of rugged natural beauty” with deer, rabbits and birds among the local wildlife. Shipwreck enthusiasts and scuba divers will find a handful of dive sites nearby, including the Portland and the Portsmouth. This may not be as easy to visit as some of Michigan’s lighthouses on the mainland, but it is definitely worth the trip – Captain Mike comes highly recommended by our dad and handfuls of others as evidenced by the “testimonials” page on his website. Consider adding a trip to the Middle Island Lighthouse to your 2016 vacation plans!