Friday Photo Gallery: Michigan's Lake Superior Lighthouses

Friday Photo Gallery: Michigan’s Lake Superior Lighthouses

Michigan's Lake Superior Lighthouses Point Iroquois

Photo Gallery Friday is a regular feature on Travel the Mitten that will help showcase photos from places where one post just isn’t enough to show off everything.

Lake Superior is the largest of the five Great Lakes, and also presents mariners with some of the most treacherous waters in North America. As a result, many beacons have been placed on the coastline to aid in navigation. Michigan’s Lake Superior coastline is home to many stunning and remote lighthouses, and today we will take a look at the most frequently visited of these lights. Whitefish Point, Point Iroquois and others are open as museums, while Big Bay, Sand Hills and Jacobsville are open as one-of-a-kind bed and breakfasts. Range lights in Munising, Grand Marais and Christmas are easily viewed at roadside, while reaching Crisp Point takes a little more work.