Michigan Monuments at Gettysburg National Military Park - Where To Find Them

Michigan Monuments at Gettysburg National Military Park – Where To Find Them

Gettysburg Michigan Monuments State Seal

This summer we made our first visit to Gettysburg National Military Park in Pennsylvania. We were truly blown away by just how much there is to see at this legendary Civil War battleground, with statues and monuments located around every turn. We were thrilled to be able to make a connection to our home state and see monuments dedicated to the Michigan men who fought at Gettysburg. Today we will share some of our photos and details on where you can find all of these markers, monuments, and statues if you visit Gettysburg!


We started our visit in the East Cavalry battlefield, where there is a tall monument honoring the 1st, 5th, 6th, and 7th Michigan Volunteer Cavalry Regiments and General George Armstrong Custer. A plaque on this monument states: “This monument marks the field where the Michigan Cavalry Brigade under its gallant leader General George A. Custer rendered signal and distinguished service in assisting to defeat the further advance of a numerically superior force under the Confederate General J. E. B. Stuart which in conjunction with Pickett’s Charge upon the centre, attempted to turn the right flank of the Union Army at that critical hour of conflict upon the afternoon of July 3rd, 1863.”


The “Iron Brigade” (24th Michigan Volunteer Infantry Regiment) monument is located on the one-way drive that starts at the information center on Lincoln Highway. The plaque on this marker in Herbst Woods reads: “Arriving upon the field to the south of these woods in the forenoon of July 1st, this regiment with others of the brigade (2nd and 7th Wisconsin and 19th Indiana) charged across the stream in front (Willoughby’s Run) to the crest beyond. Assisting in the capture of a large portion of Archer’s Tennessee Brigade, it was then withdrawn to this position where it fought until the time the line was outflanked and forced back.”

Gettysburg Michigan 9th Battery Monument

The 9th Michigan Battery is honored with a monument on Hancock Ave. across from the large State of Pennsylvania memorial. There is not much text on this one, just “This monument marks the position held by the Ninth Michigan Battery from 12:30 p.m. July 3rd, until 7 a.m. the following morning.”

Gettysburg Michigan 1st 5th 6th 7th Volunteer Monument

Other Michigan monuments at Gettysburg include ones for the 1st and 5th Volunteer Infantry Regiments in the Rose Woods, one for the 3rd Volunteer Infantry Regiment in the Peach Orchard, one for the 4th Volunteer Infantry Regiment at the Wheatfield, and one for the 7th Volunteer Infantry Regiment at the Copse of Trees on Hancock Ave.


At Little Round Top (currently closed for a rehabilitation project) there are monuments for the Michigan Sharpshooters and the 16th Volunteer Infantry Regiment. We found helpful information at stonesentinels.com, and there are Gettysburg maps available at the visitor center and on the National Park website. There is so much to see here, and anyone who loves history will have a great visit. We can’t wait to go back and find the Michigan monuments we missed on our first visit!