Unnamed Falls on Morgan Creek in Marquette County - A Scenic, Easily Accessible Waterfall

Unnamed Falls on Morgan Creek in Marquette County – A Scenic, Easily Accessible Waterfall

Unnamed Falls on Morgan Creek Sign

Marquette County continues to earn more and more attention as a destination for outdoor recreation enthusiasts. In the summer the area boasts plentiful hiking, biking, boating, fishing and swimming and in the winter months it becomes a paradise for snowmobilers and skiers. Our favorite Marquette County outdoor activity is hiking to any of the numerous waterfalls that can be found there, with one of our favorites being the Unnamed Falls on Morgan Creek near the Marquette Mountain Ski Area.

Morgan Creek Falls Vertical Michigan Waterfall Marquette

Morgan Creek makes a sudden 20-foot drop here just before it joins with the Carp River, in a wild and scenic setting. Recent improvements have made it easier to get down to the creek here for great views of this small but stunning waterfall. While there has been some disagreement over the actual name of these falls due to differing sources, the sign posted at the top of the stairwell here identifies them as Unnamed Falls, so we will follow suit.

Side View Unnamed Morgan Falls Marquette

Depending on road conditions you may be able to drive to within a few hundred feet of the falls. The best bet is a four-wheel drive vehicle, as this road can get quite rutted and muddy. We elected to park near CR-553 and take bikes in, which worked out quite well. Be sure and take in bug spray and mosquito nets in the summer months, as it can get quite buggy back here.

Marquette Mountain Waterfall Morgan Falls

Directions: From US-41 just south of Marquette, turn west onto Genesee St., then make a left onto Division St. Follow Division to CR-553/McClelland, and head south toward Marquette Mountain Ski Area. The road to the falls is Marquette Mt. Rd., and it will be a dirt road on the west side of CR-553 before reaching the ski area. There is room to park near the start of the road, or you can head in 1.5 miles to another parking area right near the falls. If you’re hiking or biking there is also a parking area on the east side of CR-553.