Photo Gallery Friday: Waterfalls of Marquette County, Michigan

Photo Gallery Friday: Waterfalls of Marquette County, Michigan

Unnamed Morgan Creek Falls Marquette MI - Waterfalls of Marquette County

Photo Gallery Friday is a regular feature on Travel the Mitten that will help showcase photos from places where one post just isn’t enough to show off everything.

Marquette County in the Upper Peninsula is home not only to the largest city in the U.P., but to a handful of wild and scenic waterfalls. It takes a bit of work (and driving) to get to Alder Falls, Ely Falls or Schweitzer Falls but the reward is well worth the effort. Other waterfalls like Reany Falls and Warner Falls can be seen from the side of the road. We’ve been impressed over the years with the improvements that have been made to make it easier to get to Yellow Dog Falls, Unnamed Falls on Morgan Creek and more.

The Marquette area is a paradise for anyone who loves getting outdoors. Opportunities for hiking, bicycling, mountain biking, skiing, swimming and kayaking are plentiful thanks to the proximity to Lake Superior and varied terrain to the north, south and west. Moose are also frequently spotted in the Marquette area with a trip north to Big Bay or along the Peshekee River among the better spots for viewing. Van Riper State Park provides a modern campground while getting visitors away from the city, while Craig Lake State Park can be challenging to get to but will provide visitors with solitude and great wildlife viewing.

Next time you’re in Marquette County, make the effort to get outside and check out these amazing waterfalls! These are our favorite photos from numerous trips to the waterfalls of Marquette County.