Tioga Rest Area Falls - Baraga County

Tioga Rest Area Falls – Baraga County


These falls on the Tioga River aren’t going to blow visitors away with their size or power, but they offer a great chance to take a short walk and stretch your legs while taking in some great scenery just a few hundred feet away from US-41/M-28 in Baraga County. There are two sections of falls here – the main drop reached by hiking the short path into the woods, and a smaller set of rapids over the rocks below a bridge next to the parking lot.

Tioga Rest Area Falls, Baraga County

The main waterfall makes several drops over rocks for a total of 5-10 feet, and the river is about 20 feet wide here. Below the falls, the river pools and is incredibly calm as it makes its journey around the bend before heading under the highway. The pictures here are from a fall visit shortly after some rainfall, while the video is from a dry visit in the summer months – as you can see, water levels here can vary quite a bit.

Tioga Falls Lower Falls Michigan

The falls by the parking lot will look especially impressive after recent rain or following the spring thaw, as it takes higher water levels for the river to really rush over these jagged rocks.

Directions: The rest area is on the south side of M-28/US-41, 3.5 miles west of Nestoria. The hike back to the falls is less than 1/4 mile. Nearby falls include Canyon Falls, Ogemaw Falls and Powerhouse Falls to the north/northwest. This stretch of US-41 is one of the stretches of Upper Peninsula road where moose are seen frequently.