Canyon Falls - Baraga County

Canyon Falls – Baraga County

Canyon Falls Michigan

One of the Western Upper Peninsula’s most popular waterfalls is easily reached by a short, scenic hike from a roadside park just off of US-41 in Baraga County. Canyon Falls is a 15-foot drop into a deep gorge on the Sturgeon River, and is one of the more picturesque waterfalls in the area. There are also sever other drops on the river that most people don’t see.

Middle Canyon Falls Michigan

There is a viewing platform for the falls, and opportunities to carefully move past the fence for a closer view from one of the rock ledges like we did for the photos above. To get to the other falls, go off to the right past where the main trail ends and look for a lesser-worn trail that follows the rim of the gorge. A small, five-foot drop will come up after about 1/4 of a mile, and the Upper Falls will be reached in 1/2 mile.

Upper Canyon Falls

The canyon itself provides great views and optimal chances for wildlife viewing, which is part of what makes this a popular destination. The trail is mostly flat and level to the main falls, but gets steep and rough on the way to the Upper Falls. From the Upper Falls, the canyon widens quite a bit and eventually becomes part of the Sturgeon River Gorge Wilderness.

Canyon Falls Trail

Directions: The roadside park is located on US-41 about 3 miles north of its intersection with M-28 and 14 miles south of Baraga. There is ample parking, a picnic area, and many informative signs on the mile-long trail back to the main falls.