MNA Memorial Falls - A Hidden Gem in Munising, Alger County

MNA Memorial Falls – A Hidden Gem in Munising, Alger County

Memorial Falls Feature Photo Munising

Alger County is home to more than 20 waterfalls, and many of those are located in Munising or the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. While Miners Falls, Munising Falls and Wagner Falls get a lot of the glory, there are a handful of lesser-known falls that are stunning in their own way. One of those waterfalls that is just a little off the beaten path but still right in Munising, is MNA Memorial Falls, a seasonal plunge waterfall that is reached after a short hike through a Michigan Nature Association protected area.

MNA Memorial Falls Munising Michigan

Memorial Falls Munising Trail

The path to the falls is pretty smooth and easy to follow as it approaches the creek, where a wooden footbridge is in place. After that, the path starts to head downhill and seems to head away from the falls before a switchback brings the trail back along the rock wall – use caution here on the narrow path as the drop off to the side is quite steep.

Memorial Falls Cover Photo Munising

Memorial Falls Munising Plunge Pool

One of the big draws to this falls is that it’s never very busy, so visitors have lots of time to explore. It is also possible to walk right under the falls and view it from the other side or from directly underneath. The photo directly above is a picture of the plunge pool where the falls hits the ground and then rejoins the creek. The photo below shows off the view from the brink of the falls, before the creek makes a 40-foot plunge into the gorge. The photo after that shows a look at what things look like downstream from the falls.

Memorial Falls Munising From Brink

Memorial Falls Downstream Munising Michigan

Directions: Head east from Munising on H-58 for a little over a mile. Turn right on Nestor St. and go about a quarter mile, looking for the sign for the falls on the right (shown below). Park on the road here and begin the short hike. A trail that forks off from this one leads to H-58 right near the staircase for Tannery Falls, a similar waterfall that is also worth checking out.

Memorial Falls Munising Michigan Nature Association