Big Things Coming for Michigan's Tallest Waterfall?

Big Things Coming for Michigan’s Tallest Waterfall?

Douglass Houghton Falls Michigan 2022

After years of waiting, it seems real progress is fin ally on the way for what will be one of the Upper Peninsula’s most popular scenic sites. The Douglass Houghton Falls property was purchased by the state back in 2018 and we have anxiously been awaiting news of when public access to Michigan’s tallest waterfall would be completed. An email from the Michigan DNR a few weeks ago invited interested parties to attend a December 6th meeting to listen to plans on how the site will be set up, provide feedback, and hear a potential timetable for when the site could open to visitors.

Douglass Houghton Falls 2022

While we weren’t able to attend the meeting, we are excited to hear that it was well-attended and had some great updates. An article from the Mining Journal showcases proposed trail plans and said that the parking area and boardwalks/platforms were the main focus of the meeting. It also appears that plans to have a veterans memorial at the site (which was an important condition when the land was sold by its previous owner) will be honored. An incredibly encouraging timeline could have construction starting int he summer of 2024 and the site open by fall.

Douglass Houghton Falls Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund Grant 2022

We’ve been fortunate to visit this amazing site twice, both times hiking in from below and following Hammell Creek. At 110 feet tall this is the tallest waterfall in Michigan. Many visitors over the years have accessed the falls from above, though there have been accidents due to the steep drop off. It will be great to see safe access available so more visitors can enjoy this magnificent waterfall.

Douglass Houghton Falls Michigan Cover Photo

Based on the success of Tahquamenon Falls State Park and state scenic sites like Laughing Whitefish Falls, Agate Falls, Bond Falls, and Wagner Falls there is a lot of interest in visiting Michigan waterfalls. After years with no news, it was great to finally see some encouraging progress is being made. We can’t wait to find out more about the DNR’s plans and visit Douglass Houghton Falls again!

**We are aware that this site is referred to as Houghton-Douglass Falls as well, name for both Douglass Houghton and Christopher Columbus Douglass; we continue to refer to it as Douglass Houghton Falls in the same way the DNR does (this may change once the site is formally opened).