Michigan DNR Hatchery Passport Program Adds To Summer Fun

Michigan DNR Hatchery Passport Program Adds To Summer Fun

Michigan is surrounded by four Great Lakes and is home to countless smaller lakes, river and streams. Fishing always has and continues to be a popular activity for both sport and food, and our Michigan DNR helps keep our lakes and rivers stocked with fish by operating six fish hatcheries and two egg-take weirs. In addition to fish stocking, these hatcheries also do a great deal of research and lead interpretive programs. This year, the DNR has added some fun for those who visit these facilities: the Michigan DNR Hatchery Passport Program.

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Visitors to these eight locations can receive a sticker at each one, then send in a photo of their completed passport to receive a package of fisheries-related material. Full details of the program can be found at http://www.michigan.gov/dnr. Below we will look at the eight locations, including which fish they produce/stock as well as the educational opportunities they provide. Several of these locations are found close to popular summer vacation spots.

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Harrietta State Fish Hatchery (6801 West 30 Rd., Harrietta) – This is Michigan’s oldest hatchery and it is responsible for stocking over a million brown trout and rainbow trout in our lakes, streams and rivers.

Lake Trout Gull Rock Sand Point Charters

Marquette State Fish Hatchery (488 Cherry Creek Rd., Marquette) – This hatchery is a trout facility, raising brook trout and lake trout. You can catch trout like this on a Lake Superior charter trip with Sand Point Charters out of Lac LaBelle.

Oden Fish Hatchery 2

Oden State Fish Hatchery (8258 South Ayr Road, Alanson) – The interpretive trails here include a viewing area where you can view a stream from its side, giving you a unique view of fish.

Pacific Salmon Michigan History Marker Hatchery Passport Program

Platte River State Fish Hatchery (15210 US 31, Beulah) – This is where the stocking of Michigan salmon started, and where our state’s coho salmon program continues to be run. It is located very close to the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore.

Thompson State Fish Hatchery (944 S. M-149, Manistique) – This facility uses warmer water to raise fish, close to Lake Michigan in the Upper Peninsula. Large trout can be seen swimming at the bottom of Kitch-iti-kipi, the nearby “Big Spring” at Palms Book State Park.

Wolf Lake State Fish Hatchery (34270 County Road 652, Mattawan) – This hatchery raises Great Lakes muskellunge, using eggs taken from the Detroit River.


Boardman River Weir (118 Hall Street, Traverse City) – Located in downtown Traverse City, this facility is one of two in the state that collects eggs for use in Michigan hatcheries.

Little Manistee River Weir (Old Stronach Rd., Stronach) – Eggs collected at this weir help stock steelhead for Michigan and other states.

These sites can be fun and educational stops for families, and their locations near other popular tourist destinations make them easy to visit. Enjoy getting out and working on collecting stickers for your Michigan DNR Hatchery Passport Program this summer!