Beer Cap Maps and Ornaments – Gift Idea for Michigan Beer Fans (Giveaway)

Beer Cap Maps and Ornaments – Gift Idea for Michigan Beer Fans (Giveaway)

Here at Travel the Mitten, we love our Michigan Beer. One of the best things about trying the multiple offerings of Michigan craft brews in our state is sharing with friends and the readers of our site. Another great thing is being able to display that love of Michigan beer. Thanks to our friends at Beer Cap Maps, we can display the bottle caps of the various Michigan beer bottles that we have consumed.

If you’re still looking for gift ideas for that special someone, Beer Cap Maps has you covered. The site has one of the coolest beer lover displays around. On their site, you can order the full size USA map that fits 177 caps for $39. You can also get the state of Michigan replica as either the Lower Peninsula ($39), Upper Peninsula ($39), or a combination of both ($48).

Beer Cap Map USA

I gifted the Lower and Upper Peninsula maps to my brother earlier this year as a birthday present. He has been working on filling them up and here you can see the early stages of the Upper Peninsula map featuring Upper Hand Brewery and Ore Dock Brewing caps, and the Lower Peninsula as seen above and below full of Bell’s Founders, Perrin, Saugatuck, New Holland, Atwater, Jolly Pumpkin and more.

Upper Peninsula Beer Cap Map

For the holiday season, Beer Cap Maps also features smaller Ornament versions of their maps. You can order a four pack of the USA Map for $19.95 or a six pack of Michigan (lower peninsula only) maps for $19.95. One of the coolest features of the ornaments is the remnant left behind after you punch out the ornaments. What’s left makes a incredibly cool picture frame for six Pure Michigan photographs.

Beer Cap Map

Now as we near Christmas, these maps will not arrive in time to wrap and put under the tree. The good news is Beer Cap Maps has you covered with some clever gift tags. These tags make gifting the large map or ornaments easy, as you can still let the person know they have one of the coolest beer memorabilia pieces around coming.

Beer Cap Map Gift Tag

If you need help deciding which caps to put in your map, we’ve got you covered with our extensive reviews in the Travel the Mitten breweries section. You could check out the Northwest Breweries that we recommend or take a trip to Grand Rapids to try 10 breweries we profiled. Don’t worry Yoopers, we’ve also got you covered with six Upper Peninsula breweries to check out and fill the Upper Peninsula Map.

Beer Cap Maps was founded by two engineers in Wisconsin. Their first full size map was of the state of Wisconsin (we all have to start somewhere). From there, they moved on to other state replicas and  full size version of the United States. The company’s motto is “Craft Beer. Craft Art”. Each full size map is made using plywood and a unique grain pattern that makes it one of a kind.

Thanks to our friends at Beer Cap Maps, we have some Michigan ornaments to give away. These great one of kind items fit one bottle cap, but are a great way to show your love of Michigan during the holiday season.

In order to be entered into the drawing to win one of several Michigan ornaments, you must share this article on Facebook. You must also be liking the Travel the Mitten Facebook page and Beer Cap Maps Facebook page. We will run this contest for several days and randomly select a few winners.

If you have a Beer Cap Map or purchase one, use the hashtag #beercapmap on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to show off your artwork. You can also use our hashtag #travelthemitten as well.