Prismatica in Grand Rapids - Photos and Video from Our Visit

Prismatica in Grand Rapids – Photos and Video from Our Visit

Downtown Grand Rapids is well known for a vibrant art scene, and it is currently home to an amazing interactive installation as part of the World of Winter festival. Prismatica features 25 pivoting prisms in the 555 Monroe Ave. NW lot, a free family-friendly art installation that makes for great photographs during the winter months. Grand Rapids will continue to host Prismatica until February 16th, with daily hours of 12-11 PM.

Grand Rapids Prismatica

Grand Rapids Prismatica Art Installation

Prismatica is “an installation comprised of pivoting prisms more than two meters tall, transforming the space into a giant kaleidoscope. The prisms are made of panels laminated with dichroic film that transmits and reflects every colour in the visible spectrum, varying with the position of the light source and the observer. The prisms are mounted on bases containing projectors. As visitors wander among, and manipulate the prisms, they will enjoy an infinite interplay of lights and colourful reflections. As the prisms rotate, a variable-intensity soundtrack comprised of bell sounds will play.”

Concept and execution for Prismatica was done by RAW Design in collaboration with ATOMIC3. Sound design was done by DIX au carre, and lighting design was done by ATOMIC3 and Jean-Francois Piche with production by Quartier des Spectacles Partnership (Montreal, Quebec, Canada).

Prismatica CREOS Art Grand Rapids

Prismatica Monroe Grand Rapids CREOS

Before its time in Grand Rapids, Prismatica has appeared in Ottawa, Calgary, Baltimore, Cleveland, Detroit, and many other cities. While the exhibit is open most of the day, it is best viewed after dark. The Monroe North location places the installation just north of downtown on the shore of the Grand River. The lot is the summer setting for the popular Movies on Monroe, where movies are projected on a 40-square-foot LED screen every two weeks.


Find out more about Prismatica at Learn more about CREOS and other art installations at ArtPrize returns to Grand Rapids this fall, but in the meantime be sure to head downtown and check out Prismatica and the other World of Winter exhibits and events.