Celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Plaidurday on Friday October 2nd

Celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Plaidurday on Friday October 2nd

Plaidurday is a holiday created by Michigan native Bugsy Sailor. The first celebration of Plaidurday was held on October 7, 2011. The holiday, which celebrates its tenth anniversary this year, is held on the first Friday of October every year.

From the Plaidurday website, here is the description of the holiday created right here in Michigan:

“Plaidurday is the worldwide celebration of plaid. It occurs annually on the first Friday of October. There are lots of ways to celebrate! With plaid we can all make a positive impact in the world.”

Upper Peninsula Plaid October

Sailor told local news station TV6, “I grew up with a lot of skater and snowboard culture, a lot of flannel, and on top of that, growing up in the U.P. around a lot of Buffalo Paid, so I guess that’s where it kind of started.”

The Plaidurday website lists 10 ways to celebrate plaid on Plaidurday:

  1. Take a photo in your plaid and share with #plaidurday
  2. Give a high five to others wearing plaid (probably not this year…)
  3. See someone wearing polka dots? Encourage them to try some plaid
  4. Help others in need by donating clothes to shelters and second hand shops
  5. Give lots of compliments. They’ll see your plaid and think, “Gosh, people who wear plaid are really nice!”
  6. Bake plaid cookies, cakes, and other tasty treats
  7. Make plaid crafts, Plaidurday cards, and let your creativity shine
  8. Give the gift of plaid to friends and family
  9. Organize a staff or classroom photo
  10. Look good, feel good, an spread some cheer, because we’re all connected by a common thread

Plaidurday 3

One of the annual traditions of Plaidurday is taking giant group photos of people wearing plaid. With social distancing, that will be much harder this year.

Sailor is encouraging anyone who has Zoom calls or video conferences on Friday to all wear plaid and take pictures of all the thumbnails together.

The UP Supply Co in Marquette, which is owned by Sailor, is offering a 20% discount to anyone wearing plaid on Friday.

Be sure to share a picture of your plaid on Plaidurday using the hashtag #Plaidurday. You can also tag @plaidurday on Instagram. We would love to see your plaid too, so feel free to use our tag #travelthemitten.