Zoorassic Park at Binder Park Zoo: A First Look at the Interactive Dinosaur Exhibit (PHOTOS)

Zoorassic Park at Binder Park Zoo: A First Look at the Interactive Dinosaur Exhibit (PHOTOS)

Zoorassic Park Triceratops Binder Park Zoo

Binder Park Zoo in Battle Creek recently opened an exciting new exhibit: Zoorassic Park. There are no live animals in this exhibit yet it will still be a must-visit attraction that draws visitors to the zoo. People have always been fascinated with dinosaurs, and the Zoorassic Park exhibit offers a chance to see replica dinosaurs up close. Kids of all ages will love standing next to a trio of Allosauruses, digging for Velociraptor fossils, climbing on the Titanoboa, or solving dinosaur themed puzzles. Admission to this fun new exhibit is included with zoo admission, and it is located in the former home of the Miller Children’s Zoo. We had a chance to visit this awesome new addition to one of our favorite zoos during its first week and wanted to share our photos and all the information you need for planning your own visit.

Binder Park Zoo Brachiosaurus Zoorassic Park

For as long as we can remember there has been a 30 foot tall Brachiosaurus standing at the zoo, towering over the former children’s zoo area. Exhibit areas that once housed rabbits, llamas, donkeys, cattle, and other animals have been transformed to house replicas of dinosaurs. Dinosaur fans will be quick to find favorites like the Tyrannosaurus Rex, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, and Velociraptor. Each dinosaur exhibit also has an informational sign letting you know when and where that species lived as well as other fun facts.

Zoorassic Park Binder Park Zoo Velociraptor Fossil Dig

One of the main draws to this area will be the amount of interaction it provides for kids. Visitors can stand next to the three Allosauruses near the entrance and get great photos, dig for Velociraptor fossils, sit on an Ankylosaurus bench, and climb all over the prehistoric snake Titanoboa. There are also puzzles and even a scale where you can see what your weight is in dinosaurs (I’m two Velociraptors!). This is a great exhibit for learning about dinosaurs and the zoo has plans for special events next year that will enhance the experience even more.

Zoorassic Park Stegosaurus Binder Park Zoo

Binder Park Zoo is open daily through October 24th, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Find out more about zoo admission prices and membership options at https://binderparkzoo.org/visit/. A press release that went out before the exhibit opened acknowledges all of the partners who helped make it a reality: “Binder Park Zoo gratefully acknowledges generous support for the Zoorassic Park project from Lowe’s 100 Hometowns, Calhoun County Visitors Bureau, the Larry Inman Estate, Lowe’s of Battle Creek 0069 and River Town Painting & Construction.” Now let’s get to the fun part – check out our photos of Zoorassic Park: