Jacobs Falls - A Roadside Waterfall in Keweenaw County

Jacobs Falls – A Roadside Waterfall in Keweenaw County

Keweenaw County Jacobs Falls

When it comes to viewing waterfalls in Michigan, Keweenaw County’s Jacobs Falls is without a doubt one of the easiest to visit. We featured this waterfall in our list of 10 Upper Peninsula Waterfalls That Can Be Viewed From Your Car, as this 20-foot drop on Jacobs Creek is only a hundred feet from M-26. There is a small parking area on the opposite side of the road, and a few good spots to stop for pictures near the falls.

Jacobs Falls Keweenaw

There has always been at least some water here whenever we have visited, but it’s easy to see how this waterfall could vary a lot from season to season. Spring melt or a nice heavy rain would have it looking especially impressive, while in mid-summer it could be reduced to little more than a trickle.

Jacobs Falls Roadside Michigan Waterfall

When we stopped here in the summer of 2014, we decided to follow the steep, faint path that heads up to the left of the falls so we could see if there were any more drops upstream. We did find a few more noteworthy drops, but would not recommend this adventure to anyone who doesn’t have good boots or shoes on as some spots got very narrow. Below is a look at some of the small falls we found:

Jacobs Falls Upper 1

Jacobs Falls Upper 2

Directions: This waterfall is located on the side of M-26, 4 miles east of Eagle River. The Jampot, a popular bakery and jam shop run by Byzantine monks, is located right by the parking area for the falls.