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Detroit Red Wings Playoffs and Detroit Tigers Offer Chance for Sports Double

Joe Louis Arena Detroit Red Wings Playoffs and Detroit Tigers

Michigan is one of a handful of states that have professional sports teams in the four major sports of baseball, basketball, football, and hockey. That means there’s a chance to catch professional sports all year round across the four seasons. Every once in awhile, the seasons align and fans have the chance to pull off what we refer to as the “sports double”. With this we refer to the ability to attend two professional sporting events on the same day.

Back in 2014, my dad, brother, and friend had the opportunity to pull off this “sports double” with our attendance at a Detroit Lions game and Detroit Red Wings game. Now this week, fans will have the chance to pull off the “sports double” with the Detroit Red Wings playoffs and Detroit Tigers game.

On Thursday April 23rd, fans can attend the Detroit Tigers day game vs. the New York Yankees at 1:08 pm and then later attend Game Four of the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs with a 7pm start time against the Tampa Bay Lightning. This is the only time during the first round that fans have this opportunity. In fact, on Tuesday April 21st, fans will have to choose whether they watch Game Three of the Red Wings current series or watch the Tigers take on the Yankees with both games starting around 7pm. Me, I’ll be watching the Red Wings and flipping to Tigers in between periods, because it is Playoffs after all.

Comerica Park Detroit Tigers Baseball

The Red Wings recently continued their impressive streak of making the NHL Playoffs for the 24th consecutive season. The team is tied with the Lightning 1-1 in the series after a 3-2 win and 1-5 loss. The Tigers have started the 2015 season on an amazing streak, now holding a 10-1 record at the time of writing. What better way to enjoy both franchises than pulling off the “sports double” and having yourself and amazing unforgettable sports day.

I’ll soon share our experience from our 2014 “sports double” when we saw the Lions beat the Miami Dolphins in the last minute and the Red Wings lose in a comeback shootout effort (coincidentally against the Lightning). We tailgated before the Lions game and had time to in between the games as well. Keep in mind that the People Mover ($0.75 each person) runs directly into Joe Louis Arena and can drop you off at Greektown Casino, a short walk from Comerica Park.

Ford Field Detroit Lions

If anyone plans on pulling off this double, we’d love to hear from you to share your experience. Also for those not ready to drive to Detroit and living on the west side of the state, we’ll have a way you can pull off a “sports double” in the minor leagues.