Michigan Roadside Attractions: Enspire Sculpture in Traverse City

Michigan Roadside Attractions: Enspire Sculpture in Traverse City

Enspire Sculpture Traverse City Michigan Photo

Michigan Roadside Attractions is a periodic feature on Travel the Mitten that will explore the many interesting things that can be found on the highways, byways and back roads of Michigan, ranging from the interesting to the unusual.

Traverse City is home to a vibrant art scene and a downtown that is perfect for shopping, dining, and relaxing. When we recently stopped to visit the Perry Hannah statue on Union St., we noticed that there was more art in Lay Park across the street. The Enspire sculpture has been here since 2017 and honors the memory of longtime Downtown Development Authority president Bryan Crough.

Enspire Sculpture Traverse City Michigan Lay Park

From the Traverse City Arts Commission website: “This light-filled and seemingly weightless sculpture is comprised of tons of weathering steel alloy designed to rust up to a certain point. The sculpture is composed of more than 100 various sized bands of steel formed into circles and ovals and bolted together in situ to form a honeycomb shape that encourages visitors to walk inside, peek through its openings and enjoy the light reflected off its metal.”

Enspire Sculpture Traverse City Michigan

Enspire was sculpted by DeWitt Godfrey, whose banded steel sculptures can be found in Colorado, Texas, New York, and many other locations. Some of his work has been featured in Art Prize in Grand Rapids. We like the open concept of this sculpture and how it encourages visitors to walk inside and see how the light comes through, casting shadows on the pavement below it.

Enspire Sculpture Traverse City Bryan Crough Memorial Plaque

A rock across from the sculpture has a memorial plaque on it that shares some words about Crough: “Bryan was a leader, a change agent, a collaborator and a community builder with a wicked sense of humor. For 23 years he focused his talent, passion and vision on transforming downtown Traverse City into a vibrant, strong and dynamic city center.”

Lay Park Enspire Sculpture Traverse City MI

Lay Park is located at 301 S. Union St., between 6th St. and Seventh St.