Michigan Lighthouse Guide and Map: Baraga County Lighthouses

Michigan Lighthouse Guide and Map: Baraga County Lighthouses

Sand Point Lighthouse Feature Photo Baraga MI

Baraga County in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula has more than 79 miles of shoreline on Lake Superior but surprisingly is home to just one lighthouse. Once an area known for its lumbering and slate mining (and a heavy presence by Henry Ford), it is now the state’s fifth least populated county. It remains a four seasons paradise for adventure as it is home to many waterfalls, Michigan’s highest point Mt. Arvon, Baraga State Park, and many parks and trails. Today we will take a look at how to visit the Sand Point Lighthouse that overlooks the Keweenaw Bay, while also taking a look at its history.

Sand Point Baraga

Sand Point Lighthouse – Constructed in 1878, this light served more almost 50 years before it was replaced by a steel skeletal tower. The lighthouse is built of red brick and the tower stands 36 feet tall. The lighthouse was built across the bay from L’Anse at a time when the railroads had brought more industry to the area and more ships were expected to be arriving and departing. In the 1890s the building had to be moved further inland due to erosion of the shoreline. It has undergone some changes over the years and at one point had a white porch attached to the side of the building. When we visited most recently this had been removed; we look forward to returning to visit in June when we camp at Baraga State Park. Sherwood Point Lighthouse in Wisconsin shares similar construction.

Sand Point Lighthouse Side View Baraga 2016

The lighthouse spent many years as a private residence before the Keweenaw Bay Indian Community purchased it in the 1990s. It is now part of the Ojibwa Campground complex and while the building is not open for tours, visitors are welcome to visit the grounds and photograph the lighthouse.

Sand Point Lighthouse Campground Sign Baraga MI

The lighthouse is located on Light House Rd. north of Baraga. Look for the sign shown above to enter the campground, take a right at the first fork then bear left at the second fork. You will see the lighthouse and there is room for parking. Be respectful while visiting, take only pictures and leave only footprints.