flag on the Mackinac Bridge Memorial Day

American Flag on the Mackinac Bridge Flies for Memorial Day

One of the most talked about events in Michigan on Memorial Day centered on the Mackinac Bridge. A giant American flag proudly flew on the Mackinac Bridge for several hours before being taken down for wind. The flag, which was flown to honor Americans lost in war, was shared across social media by those lucky enough to drive on the bridge or see it from up close. While this was the first Memorial Day to feature an American flag on the Mackinac Bridge, it is the first of several holidays the bridge will showcase American patriotism.

flag on the Mackinac Bridge Memorial Day

The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) shared photos early Monday morning of the flag on the Mackinac Bridge. More photos came later from those passing through the state’s two peninsulas. Later, MDOT shared more photos of the raising of the flag in the morning.

According to reports, the bridge had to temporarily stop allowing cars to pass to raise the flag and take it down. Reports say the American flag was taken down due to high winds and concerns of damage to the flag or a passing vehicle.

The good news for Michiganders and the many tourists that will travel across the Mackinac Bridge is news that the American flag will make more appearances in 2017. According to a tweet response on Twitter from MDOT, the American flag on the Mackinac Bridge will happen again on:

  • Memorial Day (May 29)
  • Flag Day (June 14)
  • Fourth of July (July 4)
  • Labor Day (September 4)
  • Veteran’s Day (November 11)

The American flag on the Mackinac Bridge on Labor Day will be a great event as tens of thousands of people walk across the bridge in the annual Labor Day Bridge Walk.

Mackinac Bridge From Lighthouse

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to see the American flag on the Mackinac Bridge cause a social media storm. Online travel agent TravelBird recently called the Mackinac Bridge the top Michigan tourist destination on Instagram. Through their research, the Mackinac Bridge ranked first in the state, 64th in the United States, and 160th in the World.

The Mackinac Bridge will celebrate 60 years in operation on November 1st, 2017. In April 2017, more than 249,000 people traveled across the Mackinac Bridge. The busiest months for the bridge are July, August, September, and June. Don’t miss our six great places to view the Mackinac Bridge from for great year round views of this Michigan marvel.


*Photos of the flag on the bridge come from the Michigan Department of Transportation*