LEGOLAND Discovery Center Michigan Announces Top 10 MINILAND Finalists

LEGOLAND Discovery Center Michigan Announces Top 10 MINILAND Finalists

LEGOLAND Discovery Center Michigan announced the ten finalists from the recent MINILAND public vote. More than 1100 votes were casts for landmarks in the Detroit area. A new round of voting opened Monday November 2nd, where voters will decide the winner that will be unveiled in a special ceremony held on November 18th. Voting end November 16th. All 10 of the landmarks listed below will be made out of LEGOs, but only one will be crowned the MINILAND winner.


Legoland Michigan 3

The top ten finalists are (in no order):

Renaissance Center Detroit

GM Renaissance Center

Spirit of Detroit Sculpture

Spirit of Detroit

Belle Isle Park

Motown Museum Detroit Michigan

Motown Museum


Fox Theatre


Guardian Building

Comerica Park

Comerica Park


Uniroyal World’s Largest Tire


Michigan Central Station


The Heidelberg Project

I am happy to see at least one Detroit sports stadium make the list in Comerica Park. I would have also loved to see Joe Louis Arena or Ford Field make the top ten. Perhaps the way the Detroit Lions are playing contributed to the stadium not making the list. Joe Louis Arena is in its later stages as a new arena is being built to house the Detroit Red Wings.

I love seeing Spirit of Detroit, Motown Museum, and Fox Theatre on this list as the sight of all three immediately takes people to thoughts of Detroit.

ENT: Grinch -- Detroit -- $50 RDC

For more on LEGOLAND Discovery Center Michigan and what visitors can expect, check out our original post. Also check out the follow-up ground-breaking post that includes photos from the event.

In the meantime, be sure to vote for one of these 10 landmarks starting Monday. Also be sure to sign up for the LEGOLAND newsletter and follow LEGOLAND Discovery Center Michigan’s Facebook page for more information.





Heidelberg Project, Fox Theatre, Guardian Building, Michigan Central Station and Uniroyal World’s Largest Tire photos come courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.