Dutch Girl Brewery - Favorite Michigan Places

My 5 Favorite Places in Michigan: Kelly and Luke Finchem – Owners and Founders of Dutch Girl Brewery

One of my favorite segments on Travel the Mitten has to be the My 5 Favorite Places in Michigan. I love sharing opinions of others and also helping promote their work. Joining us this week are Kelly and Luke Finchem, owners of the recently opened Dutch Girl Brewery in Spring Lake.

Dutch Girl Brewery Welkom

Luke Finchem has been brewing beer at home for more than 25 years. He took the plunge and opened a new Michigan brewery in July with the help of his wife Kelly. Luke helps the brewmaster create beer and run the beer making process. Kelly is the brains behind the business and runs the money side of things.

The wooden shoes on the tap handles are hand crafted in the Netherlands

The wooden shoes on the tap handles are hand crafted in the Netherlands

We recently toured the facility and tried 11 different beers available. If you visit, the Just One More and Coastie Kolsch are must haves and styles you won’t find at most breweries. Here’s the full list:

  • Just One More – Vienna Lager, 5.1% 24 IBUs
  • Street Scrubber – Saison, 5.2%, 40 IBUs
  • Coastie Kolsch – Kolsch, 5.4%, 24 IBUs
  • Wood Panel Porter – Porter, 4.9%, 36 IBUs
  • 7Mile Smile – IPA, 6.7%, 80 IBUs
  • Trees – Double IPA, 8.0%, 75 IBUs
  • Banks – ESB, 6.0%, 40 IBUs
  • Chester’s Copper Pot Ale – 7.5%, 50 IBUs
  • Dirty Boots – 8.0%, 50 IBUs
  • Bear Dance Belgian – Blueberry Belgian Ale, 7.2%, 15 IBUs
  • Monastic Front TIPA – Belgian Trippel IPA, 10.0%, 90 IBUs


Here are Kelly and Luke’s five favorite places in Michigan:

Kelly Luke Tahquamenon Falls

Tahquamenon Falls State Park & Campground

We stayed there during the summer of 2012 and absolutely fell in love with not only the falls and the beautiful flowing waters, but also the campground itself was very organized and the showers/bathrooms were in great condition! We stayed at Site 5, I remember. It allowed us to dip our legs into the water within steps of our tent. Truly one of Michigan’s most scenic places to visit.

Kelly Luke Station Grill

The Station Grill, Muskegon

Now if you love wings, you must run to The Station Grill in Muskegon! What was once a 1940’s service station, they turned it into a great restaurant. You’ll get a kick out of the décor inside with neon lights and a cozy atmosphere. We HIGHLY suggest their Hot & Tangy wings. While they pride themselves on great burgers (which are phenomenal), don’t overlook their wings. And as a bonus, you get a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup with your dish as well.

Kelly Luke L Mawby

L. Mawby Winery, Traverse City

This is always our first stop when we get to Traverse City. Sparkling wine accompanied by herb cheese, crackers and Whitefish pate, yeah, you can’t go wrong! The view is wonderful as are so many picturesque locations up north, but there’s something about their bubbly that keeps you coming back. We are members of their FIZZClub, we love it so much. (Facebook Page)

Kelly Luke Grand Haven

Grand Haven

We are a little spoiled that we are less than 5 minutes away from such beauty. While this is not a real palm tree, when the sun is baking on you and you’re sipping on a cold one, you almost feel like you’re someplace tropical…almost. Great restaurants, bars and breweries add to this experience along Lake Michigan.

Kelly Luke Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids

Yeah a little biased since it’s where I (Kelly) grew up, but there are endless, awesome activities to fill your time. This one in particular is of the Michigan Brewers Guild Winter Beer Fest. Only Michiganders can appreciate frigid temperatures, blowing snow and still drink beer outside when it’s only 7 degrees. It’s changed A LOT in all the years I’ve lived there. When Grand Rapids is thriving, it spreads to the lakeshore. Michigan is one amazing state!


If you’re reading this before October 17th, you still have time to buy tickets for the first annual Dutch Girl Bier Fest held at Dutch Girl Brewery. The event features music, food, and barrel aged beer. Tickets are $20 in advance, $25 the day of, and $15 if you’re a member of the brewery’s Mug Club.

We appreciate Luke and Kelly taking the time to do this post. If you have not been to their brewery yet, plan a visit to Spring Lake soon. Chances are you will see one of them behind the bar while you’re there. Be sure to follow their Facebook page for more information and upcoming events.