Horseshoe Falls - A Munising Waterfall and More (Photo Gallery)

Horseshoe Falls – A Munising Waterfall and More (Photo Gallery)

A Horseshoe Falls and Gift Shop Munising

Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is home to hundreds of waterfalls. Some are located in state parks and state forests, others in local parks or on the side of the road. Many waterfalls are located on private property and will only ever be seen by a few people. Horseshoe Falls in Munising is unique in that it is a privately owned waterfall that is still open to the public (for a small admission fee). There’s a lot more to the property than just a waterfall, and today we’ll share some photos from a summer visit to highlight why Horseshoe Falls is a great family fun stop when you head to Munising to visit Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore or other local attractions.


Horseshoe Falls is a 20 foot waterfall that is spring fed, which means it will be flowing no matter when you visit. you’ll notice some similarities between this waterfall and other local falls like Munising Falls, Tannery Falls, and Memorial Falls. the waterfall derives its name from its location in a horseshoe-shaped rock formation. From the waterfall the stream continues downhill to a pond that is full of trout.


Feeding the trout is just one of the draws here for families with young children. The pond is home to many trout and there are food machines located near wooden viewing platforms. You’ll likely also see ducks and other birds hanging out near the pond.

Horseshoe Falls Munising Michigan Gnome Pair

Horseshoe Falls is also home to a gnome scavenger hunt (inquire inside the gift shop/admission area for more information) that will have everyone looking for small statues scattered throughout the property. Many of these gnomes are located near the trees and flowers that make up the Horseshoe Falls gardens.

Horseshoe Falls Munising Meteor Fragment

Trees along the walking path are labeled, and there are many other things to see as you walk around. A few of the things you’ll find are a sundial, wishing well, totem pole, and a meteor! The gift shop is well stocked with shirts and other items that will help you remember your visit to the Upper Peninsula. As of our visit in the summer of 2022 the admission price was $10 per adult and $7 per child (under 2 years old free). This is a bit steep to visit a waterfall considering many of the others in the area are free or included as part of state or national park admission, but we felt that the overall experience makes the visit worthwhile at least once.

Horseshoe Falls Alger County

Horseshoe Falls is located at 602 Bell Ave., just a few blocks east of M-28.