Travel the Mitten - Our 100 Favorite Michigan Photos of 2020

Travel the Mitten – Our 100 Favorite Michigan Photos of 2020

Michigan Photos 2020 Wawatam Lighthouse Sunrise COVER

One of the reasons we love exploring Michigan is that there is never a shortage of great photo opportunities. Our early explorations of the state started with trying to photograph every lighthouse we possibly could, then moved on to shooting Michigan’s waterfalls, and has now progressed into documenting each and every site we visit. This year was a weird one as far as travel was concerned, but we still tried to make the best of it by focusing on outdoor spaces where social distancing could be maintained.

Mackinac Bridge Sunset - Jonathan Katje

If you’ve been following along with our year in review, we hope you’ve already taken a look at the 20 “New to Us” places we visited in 2020, our 20 most popular posts of 2020, and our 21 Michigan travel goals for 2021. As you can see from the pictures below, we spent a great deal of time near the Great Lakes, visited plenty of waterfalls and lighthouses, and continued to find new art installations and landmarks. Much of the summer was spent in kayaks, between those paddling and a September vacation to Drummond Island that accounts for a good portion of these photos. The caption below each photo gives a basic location, time of year, and the subject matter. Thanks for checking out these Michigan photos, we can’t wait to bring you more great content next year!