Right Brain Brewery, Traverse City

Right Brain Brewery, Traverse City

Right Brain CEO Stout

Traverse City’s Right Brain Brewery has built a reputation over the last 10 years for being one of Michigan’s most creative breweries. You’re probably familiar with some of their readily available beers like CEO Stout, Concrete Dinosaur, Northern Hawk Owl, Cakewalk or Naughty Girl Stout – but have you ever tried the beer they make with asparagus (Spear Beer), a whole cherry pie (Cherry Pie Whole), smoked pig heads (Mangalista Pig Porter), or beets (Schrute Farms)? Right Brain’s taproom is a fun, welcoming place where you’re certain to always find a new beer.

Right Brain Brewery Traverse City Michigan

We made three visits to Right Brain Brewery this year, here’s a look at some of our favorite beers we were able to try:

Pumpkin Spice CEO Stout – A perfect fall beer, it takes the already great CEO Stout and adds pumpkin and fall spices.

Schrute Farms – “Made with real Detroit Beets and coriander, this brew is mildly tart at first, then earthy with Belgian overtones.”

Cherry Pie Whole – We finally got to sip on this legendary fruit beer, “Made with A LOT of real Cherry Crumb Pies from Grand Traverse Pie Company. Expect light notes of the crust with a big cherry finish. It’s beer made with pies. It’s not pie. Expect beer made with pies.”

Mangalista Pig Porter – One of the state’s most talked about experimental beers and another one we finally got to check off the list in 2017. “Real smoked pig heads give it the smokey flavor. There is no smoked malt in this recipe. The beer that put Right Brain on the map. A rich and chocolaty porter brewed with real smoked pig heads and bones. Not for vegetarians! You simply have to experience this beer and describe it to your friends. 2011 Gold Medal Winner for Best Experimental Beer at the Great American Beer Festival.”

Really Naughty Santa – “Collaboration brew with John O’Dowd the winner of our Distributor home brew contest from West Side Beer. Brewed with cocoa, lactose, cocoa nibs and vanilla beans soaked in vodka.”

Right Brain Brewery Warehouse Traverse City

There is A LOT of room for guests at Right Brain, and since you won’t find televisions lining the walls it’s also the perfect place for conversing with friends while drinking. You’ll also find some game options and plenty of to-go beer options. Outside food is also welcome. Unlike many of Traverse City’s other breweries, this one is tucked in a quiet neighborhood away from downtown. Be sure to check out the entire Traverse City Ale Trail while you’re in town!

Right Brain Brewery will celebrate with a 10th Anniversary Party on January 26th and 27th.

Right Brain Brewery contact information:

225 E. Sixteenth St., Traverse City







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