Grand Hotel Mackinac Island

Somewhere in Time Film Sites on Mackinac Island to Check Out For 35th Anniversary

In 1980, Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour played the starring roles in a movie that went largely unnoticed, Somewhere in Time. The movie, also starring Christopher Plummer and featuring a bit role for William H. Macy, centers around a playwright named Richard Collier (Reeve) who becomes obsessed with a photograph of an actress named Elise McKenna (Seymour) and finds a way to travel back in time to meet her. The two fall in love despite the protests of her manager (Plummer), but will they be able to stay together as Collier is pulled back towards the present. The film is based on Richard Matheson’s 1975 novel, Bid Time Return, and was filmed almost entirely on Mackinac Island. Many fans still visit the film sites today, and we put together a helpful list of some of the most well-known and easiest-to-visit ones.

Somewhere in Time Rock

Somewhere in Time beach

Is It You? Rock and Shoreline – After traveling back to 1912, this is the spot where Richard first lays eyes on Elise. A plaque (pictured) on a rock under the trees here commemorates the scene. Located on the lakeshore directly below the Grand Hotel.

SIT Grand Hotel

Grand Hotel – Michigan’s most famous hotel became a star in the film, as many scenes were shot on the grounds. There is a small fee to wander the property, but those who really enjoyed the movie won’t mind paying that to see the filming sites. Richard can also be seen driving on the street heading up to the hotel – filming was one of the few times vehicles have been allowed on the island.

Somewhere in Time Round Island Lighthouse

Round Island Lighthouse – In the movie the lovers row out here for an afternoon together. You will pass by it on your ferry trip to and from the island, or catch the view from the island’s southeast corner near Windemere Park.

SIT Mission Point Resort

Mission Island Resort – Not only was this where the cast and crew stayed during filming, it is also where Elise’s theatre scenes and all interior room scenes (done on a soundstage) were shot.


Downtown – Baxter’s Coin Shop is where Richard purchases his 1910s coins from, and is a souvenir shop today. Richard can be seen walking by many other downtown buildings in the film.

Other sites on the island that were used in filming include the Grand Hotel Stables, The Gazebo (which has been moved to the Governor’s Mansion lawn), and the Laura Roberts House on Main St.

For many years, the Grand Hotel has had a hand in welcoming fans of SIT to the island, and this year they will be celebrating the film from Oct. 16-18. An added bonus for the 35th anniversary is that Jane Seymour will be making an appearance. More details can be found at