Photo Gallery Friday: Pokemon in Michigan on Pokemon Go

Photo Gallery Friday: Pokemon in Michigan on Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go took mobile gaming by storm in July. The game from Niantic Labs, partially owned by Nintendo, uses augmented reality and was one of the first to get the American masses out and about in a unique scavenger hunt style mobile game. In the search to catch them all, players are traveling around the state trying to find all the Pokemon.

We have joined in the fun searching for Pokemon in our own Grand Rapids and also on various vacations around the state. One of the cool things about the augmented reality feature of the game allows users to take pictures of the Pokemon in the players’ current setting. That makes capturing Pokemon in front of landmarks and various Michigan scenery in picture form easy.

Shared below are photos of Pokemon across Michigan that we have captured while playing the hit Pokemon Go game.

Bellspout Lake Huron

Bellsprout Over Lake Huron

Bellsprout Pierce STocking Dune Overlook

Bellsprout at Pierce Stocking Dune Overlook (Sleeping Bear Dunes)

Bellsprout Pierce Stocking Sleeping Bear Dunes

Bellsprout at Pierce Stocking Dunes Overlook

Comerica Park Pokemon Go Squirtle

Squirtle at Comerica Park

Doduo Tawas Lighthouse

Doduo Near Tawa Point Lighthouse

Drowzee Alpena

Drowzee in Alpena (Shipwreck Tour Boat in Background)

Drowzee Pokemon Go Charles Hackley Muskegon MI

Drowzee by Charles Hackley Statue in Muskegon

Eevee Cherry Republic

Eevee at Cherry Republic

Eevee Mackinac Bridge (4)

Eevee by Mackinac Bridge

Gastly Pokemon Go Comerica Park

Gastly at Comerica Park Watching the Detroit Tigers

Geodude Pokemon Go Detroit Tigers

Geodude at Comerica Park

Howarth School Pokemon Go Rattata

Rattata at Howarth School

Hypno Pokemon Go Grand Haven

Hypno in Grand Haven

Jigglypuff Comerica Park Detroit Tigers

Jigglypuff at Comerica Park

Jynx Comerica Park Pokemon Go

Jynx at Comerica Park

Magikarp Charlevoix Michigan

Magikarp in Charlevoix (Boat to Beaver Island in Background)

Poliwag Grand Haven Michigan Pokemon Go

Poliwag in Grand Haven

Psyduck Cascade Dam Pokemon Go

Psyduck by Cascade Dam

Psyduck Lake Huron

Psyduck Over Lake Huron (Port Huron)

Rattata at Carnegie Museum Port Huron Pokemon Go

Rattata at Carnegie Museum in Port Huron

Seel Jolly Pumpkin

Seel at Jolly Pumpkin

Slowpoke Belle Isle James Scott Memorial Fountain

Slowpoke at James Scott Memorial Fountain – Belle Isle

Spearow Bowers Harbors Vineyard

Spearow at Bowers Harbor Vineyards – Traverse City

Spearow Pierce Stocking

Spearow at Pierce Stocking Scenic Overlook (Sleeping Bear Dunes)

tauros Pokemon Go White Flame Brewing

Tauros at White Flame Brewing

Tentacool Mackinac Bridge

Tentacool at Mackinac Bridge

Venomoth Houseman Field

Venomoth Houseman Field (During a GRFC Match)

Venonat Cherry Republic Charlevoix

Venonat at Cherry Republic Branch in Charlevoix

Venonat Glen Harbor

Venonat in Glen Harbor

Weedle Hugh J Gray Monument

Weedle at Hugh J Gray Memorial (Cairn Highway – Kewadin)

Zubat Cherry Republic Wine Tasting

Zubat at Cherry Republic

Zubat Sleeping Bear Dunes

Zubat Sleeping Bear Dunes


Thanks to the following people for their help in providing pictures for this photo gallery:

Kevin DeCanter – Grand Haven pictures

Andrew Patrick Hill – Venomoth at Houseman Field

Jeff Corrion (The D Zone) – Comerica Park, School Building

We hope you enjoyed these photos of Pokemon throughout Michigan. We will be back soon with a look at Pokemon at Michigan lighthouses. We also are working on a guide to great places to play Pokemon Go thanks to our recent lower peninsula trip seeing lighthouses. If you have great photos of Pokemon near Michigan lighthouses or landmarks, we’d love to see them using #travelthemitten and #pokemoninmichigan.