Heritage Park in Grandville: Trails, Fishing, Disc Golf, History and More

Heritage Park in Grandville: Trails, Fishing, Disc Golf, History and More

Grandville Heritage Park Mallard Duck

We don’t always have to travel far to find a great park for a short and scenic walk, and Heritage Park in Grandville has become one of our local parks. This park is located close to I-196 and the Rivertown Crossings mall and offers a scenic walking trail, a fishing pier, a basketball court, a disc golf course, a playground, and a historic schoolhouse. If you’re looking for a beautiful park that’s fun for the whole family, Heritage Park has you covered.

Grandville Heritage Park Pond Sunset

The walking trail at the park circles around a pond that is usually full of ducks and geese. We’ve also seen a heron here and many other smaller birds. Several signs in the park ask guests to not feed the ducks and geese. There are two bridges along the trail, and a few side paths that connect to local neighborhoods. The trail length is a half mile for a loop, and we like to make at least two loops for a mile or more.

Grandville Heritage Park Fishing Pier

The fishing pier got an upgrade last year and is a well-constructed platform that juts out into the water.

Grandville Heritage Park Disc Golf

The disc golf course has nine holes and is considered a shorter, easier course. There are a few spots where the course overlaps with the walking path but we have always had good luck with people being respectful and haven’t had to dodge flying discs!

Grandville Heritage Park Playground

The playground features a variety of equipment for swinging, climbing, sliding, and more on the park’s north side.

Grandville Heritage Park Old Schoolhouse

The old schoolhouse in the park dates back to the 1880s and used to stand near the intersection of 44th St. and Wilson Ave. before being moved to the park. From the City of Grandville: “The No. 10 Schoolhouse is located in Heritage Park and acts as a living museum. It includes a working classroom complete with desks and a replica school marm’s quarters. A hands-on exhibit allows children to interact with typewriters, rotary phones, and various military uniforms.

Grandville Heritage Park Walkway School

Other park amenities include restrooms, charcoal grills, a picnic shelter, and a sand volleyball court.

Grandville Heritage Park Creek Bridge

Heritage Park is located at 4264 Canal Ave. in Grandville. The parking lot has room for around 30 vehicles.