Drink Michigan Wine From Chateau Grand Traverse and Help Michigan State Parks

Drink Michigan Wine From Chateau Grand Traverse and Help Michigan State Parks


What could be better than living in Michigan and drinking a wine made right here in state from grapes grown in one of the best regions of the state? How about a Michigan created wine that will donate a portion of the proceeds to help our current state parks.

Chateau Grand Traverse, northern Michigan’s oldest winery, has partnered with the Department of Natural Resources of Michigan to create “CGT Wines of the Great Outdoors”. Three custom labeled wines were created by Chateau with Ann Arbor based Pryor Design Company creating the packaging and helping with marketing on a pro bono basis. The wines will be available in retail stores beginning this week (May 18th) and also available for sale online.

Michigan Wines Chateau Grand Traverse

The multi-year partnership between CGT and the DNR created wines that can “pair easily with everyday activities”. Here is a look at the wines offered in the program:

  • Waters: Sweet White Wine (Cheers to full sails, fish tales, wet paddles, beach days, and rafting up with friends on the lake)
  • Woods: Sweet Red Wine (Cheers to the road not yet traveled, trees that tell our history, and an unforgettable view around the bend)
  • Picnic: Semidry White Wine (Cheers to toes in the sand at sunset, breezes scented by campfire, and spontaneous outdoor dining)

CGT WoodsCGT WatersCGT Picnic






CGT will donate 50% of the net profits from the three wines to the DNR each year with a ceremony being held around October 1st. Voters over the age of 21 can held decide what the money should go towards. There are three options for the profits usage, all benefitting the state parks of our great state.

  • Wayfinding: signage for the trails in Michigan (over 12,000)
  • Improving Accessibility: use the funds to help improve wheelchair accessibility at places like kayak launches, fishing piers, and beach paths
  • Tree Replacements: the Oak Wilt and Emerald Ash Borer have forced the removal of many trees across the state. If this option wins, the funds would be used for replacing trees in state parks.

Voting starts on May 22nd. All three of these options are worth voting for. We have to point out one cool thing about the improving accessibility. The DNR press release notes that Michigan has the only fully handicap accessible waterfall in the nation. This refers to Ocqueoc Falls, which is the only named waterfall in Michigan’s lower peninsula. We profiled the waterfall in a post and even shared a video about the accessibility.

Ocqueoc Falls

Ocqueoc Falls

If you live near Traverse City or are planning a trip there, you should make a point to visit the winery at Chateau Grand Traverse. It is located near Traverse City with its vineyards located on Old Mission Peninsula. Visitors will be able to sample the new Great Outdoors wines in the tasting room. Visitors can also sample six different wines for $3, or free with the purchase of a bottle of wine. The tasting room is open Monday through Saturday 10am to 6pm and Sunday 10am to 5pm. The hours extend by an hour each day beginning Memorial Day and running through Labor Day.

Chateau Grand Traverse is recognized as one of the top wineries in Michigan and also across the country. The company has been around since 1974 and has won numerous awards and accolades in the wine industry. Perhaps the company got the most national attention when its 1987 Johannisberg Riesling was served at President George H.W. Bush’s inauguration.

The wines of Chateau Grand Traverse can be found in the states of Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Florida, Minnesota, New York, Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia. The company also exports its wine to China. The company grows grapes on 208 acres of land, including 132 that are wholly owned by the company.

In 2013, Chateau Grand Traverse passed the 100,000 case mark and was the number seven overall selling wine brand in the state of Michigan. Michigan is the fourth largest grape growing state and remains 13th win wine production. What better way to support our state’s wine industry and also our state parks then by drinking these three new wine offerings.