Waterfalls of Michigan

Lower Tahquamenon Falls

Michigan is blessed with more than 200 waterfalls, with all but one of them located in the Upper Peninsula. We’ve been lucky enough to visit many of them and are constantly searching for others. Below is an alphabetical list of what we consider the cream of the crop when it comes to falling water in the Mitten State. Waterfalls that we have discovered that are on private property have been omitted,¬†and in order to provide the most accurate directions possible we have only included falls we have personally visited on this list.

Agate FallsAgate Falls, Ontonagon County

Alder FallsAlder Falls, Marquette County

Alger FallsAlger Falls, Alger County

Au Train FallsAu Train Falls, Alger County

Big Erics FallsBig Eric’s Falls, Baraga County

Black River Falls, Marquette County

Black Slate FallsBlack Slate Falls, Baraga County

Bonanza Falls 1Bonanza (Greenwood) Falls, Ontonagon County

Bond FallsBond Falls, Ontonagon County

Boney Falls Dam - Escanaba RiverBoney Falls Dam (Escanaba River), Delta County

Bridalveil Falls 2008

Bridal Veil Falls, Alger County

Burned Dam MeximineBurned Dam (Mex-i-min-e) Falls, Gogebic County

Canyon FallsCanyon Falls, Baraga County

Canyon Falls UpperCanyon Falls (Upper), Baraga County

Upper Carp River FallsCarp River Falls, Marquette County

Chapel FallsChapel Falls, Alger County

Chicagon FallsChicagon Falls, Iron County

Dead River Falls 1Dead River Falls (1), Marquette County

Dead River Falls 2Dead River Falls (2), Marquette County

Dead River Falls 3Dead River Falls (3), Marquette County

Dead River Falls 4Dead River Falls (4), Marquette County

Dead River Falls 5Dead River Falls (5), Marquette County

duppyfallsDuppy Falls, Houghton County

Eagle River FallsEagle River Falls, Keweenaw County

Elliot Falls Pictured Rocks National LakeshoreElliot (Miners Beach) Falls, Alger County

Ely FallsEly Falls, Marquette County

Falls River Lower FallsFalls River Falls (Lower), Baraga County

Falls River Middle FallsFalls River Falls (Middle), Baraga County

Unnamed Falls RiverFalls River Falls (Unnamed), Baraga County

Fumee FallsFumee Falls, Dickinson County

Gabbro FallsGabbro Falls, Gogebic County

Gorge FallsGorge Falls, Gogebic County

Granite Rapids Waterfall BessemerGranite Rapids, Gogebic County

Great Conglomerate FallsGreat Conglomerate Falls, Gogebic County

Greenstone FallsGreenstone Falls, Ontonagon County

Haven FallsHaven Falls, Keweenaw County

Haymeadow FallsHaymeadow Falls, Delta County

Horserace RapidsHorserace Rapids, Iron County

Horseshoe FallsHorseshoe Falls, Alger County

Lower Hungarian FallsHungarian Falls (Lower), Houghton County

Middle Hungarian FallsHungarian Falls (Middle #1), Houghton County

Middle Hungarian Falls 2Hungarian Falls (Middle #2), Houghton County

Upper Hungarian FallsHungarian Falls (Upper), Houghton County

Jacobs FallsJacobs Falls, Keweenaw County

jumbofallsJumbo Falls, Houghton County

Kakabika FallsKakabika Falls, Gogebic County

Laughing Whitefish FallsLaughing Whitefish Falls, Alger County

Little Union Gorge FallsLittle Union Gorge Falls, Ontonagon County

Manabezho FallsManabezho Falls, Gogebic County

Manganese FallsManganese Falls, Keweenaw County

Manido FallsManido Falls, Gogebic County

Memorial FallsMemorial Falls, Alger County

Miners FallsMiners Falls, Alger County

Misicot Piers GorgeMisicot (Piers Gorge) Falls, Dickinson County

Unnamed Morgan Creek FallsMorgan Creek Falls, Marquette County

Mosquito FallsMosquito Falls, Alger County

Munising FallsMunising Falls, Alger County

Nawadha FallsNawadha Falls, Gogebic County

Ocqueoc FallsOcqueoc Falls, Presque Isle County

Ogemaw FallsOgemaw Falls, Baraga County

Okundekun FallsO kun de kun Falls, Ontonagon County

Okundekun UpperO kun de kun Falls (Upper), Ontonagon County

Overlooked FallsOverlooked Falls, Ontonagon County

Pemene FallsPemene Falls, Menominee County

Peterson FallsPeterson (Interstate) Falls, Gogebic County

Potato Patch FallsPotato Patch Falls, Alger County

Potawatomi FallsPotawatomi Falls, Gogebic County

Powderhorn FallsPowderhorn Falls (Upper), Gogebic County

Powderhorn Falls Michigan

Powderhorn Falls (Lower), Gogebic County

Power Dam Falls L'AnsePower Dam Falls, Baraga County

Powerhouse FallsPowerhouse Falls, Baraga County

Quartzite FallsQuartzite Falls, Baraga County

Quiver FallsQuiver Falls, Menominee County

Rainbow Falls 1Rainbow Falls, Gogebic County

Rapid River FallsRapid River Falls, Delta County

Reany FallsReany Falls, Marquette County

Redridge Dam FallsRedridge Dam Falls, Houghton County

Rock River FallsRock River Falls, Alger County

Sable FallsSable Falls, Alger County

Sandstone FallsSandstone Falls, Gogebic County

Saxon Falls UpperSaxon Falls (Upper), Gogebic County

Saxon Falls LowerSaxon Falls (Lower), Gogebic County

schweitzer falls 1Schweitzer Falls, Marquette County

Scott FallsScott Falls, Alger County

Silver Creek FallsSilver Creek Falls, Keweenaw County

Silver River FallsSilver Falls, Baraga County

Silver River KeweenawSilver River Falls, Keweenaw County

Spray FallsSpray Falls, Alger County

St Marys RapidsSt. Mary’s Rapids, Chippewa County

Superior FallsSuperior Falls, Gogebic County

Upper Tahquamenon FallsTahquamenon Falls (Upper), Luce County

Lower Tahquamenon 1Tahquamenon Falls (Lower), Chippewa County

Tannery FallsTannery Falls, Alger County

Tibbets FallsTibbets Falls, Baraga County

Tioga Rest StopTioga (Rest Area) Falls, Baraga County

Tobacco Falls Feature Photo Michigan WaterfallTobacco Falls, Keweenaw County

Wagner FallsWagner Falls, Alger County

Warner FallsWarner Falls, Marquette County

Whitefish FallsWhitefish Falls, Alger County

Wyandotte FallsWyandotte Falls, Houghton County

Yellow Dog Falls Cover PhotoYellow Dog Falls, Marquette County

Yondota FallsYondota Falls, Gogebic County

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Photo credit: Jonathan Katje, Russell Katje, Christopher Katje

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